Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your Questions regarding the Albensi Laboratories and National Dentex merger

Please call 800-734-3064 or view the FAQs below

National Dentex and Albensi Laboratories share many customers and business partners, and we intend to enhance and expand these essential relationships.  As a result of our business combination, our customers and partners will now have access to an extraordinary laboratory network, increasing the products and services offered through Albensi Laboratories.  We are dedicated to maintaining and increasing the quality of innovation, craftsmanship, quality, and support, that you have come to expect from working with us as your preferred laboratory.  Together, we look forward to growing with you in the future through the National Dentex network of labs!

Open Letter to Customers


General Statements:

Albensi Laboratories is one of the most respected labs in the industry and was founded in 1979 by Don Albensi.  With more than 150 employees, Albensi is a full-service lab with both local delivery as well as a large national account base.  Don Albensi’s son, Don Albensi Jr. will stay with the company as the lab’s General Manager.  Don's biography is included below:

Don Albensi Jr.Don Albensi Jr. studied engineering and information sciences and technology at Pennsylvania State University before returning to the dental technology field in 2004 during the inception of Innovative Dental Arts, a sister laboratory of Albensi Laboratories.

Prior to this opportunity, Don worked as a JAVA programmer for US Steel Corporation in Pittsburgh, PA. He had grown up around the laboratory and learned while utilizing on-the-job training from various departments and team members throughout the years. Albensi Dental Laboratories now provides products and services for doctors in more than 48 states and prides themselves on remaining at the forefront of CAD/CAM technology.

Accounting-Related Questions:

  • Will my current pricing be affected?  
    • No, current pricing will remain unaffected by the change in ownership.
  • Does the change in ownership affect monthly statements and case invoices?
    • No, statements will be sent out by NDX Albensi and payment remittance will remain the same.
Customer Care-Related Questions:
  • Will product offerings change?
    • No, current product offerings will remain unaffected.  In many cases, additional products will start to be introduced.
  • Will product turnaround times change?
    • No, current product turnaround times will remain unaffected.
  • If the office location is considered "local," will there continue to be local pickup and delivery?
    • Yes, we will continue to offer local pickup and delivery.  In many cases, we'll be expanding our local pickup and delivery footprints. 
  • Can an office still schedule online pickups?
  • Will the Customer Care team stay intact?
    • Yes, the Customer Care team will remain intact.
  • Should I still contact the laboratory for supplies?
    • Yes, please feel free to contact Customer Care - 1-800-734-3064.
  • Will I still have an assigned Account Manager?
    • Yes, National Dentex currently has an Account Manager structure and your office can contact your current Account Manager or feel free to reach out to Customer Care - 1-800-734-3064.
  • What is the process to check case status'?
    • Please contact Customer Care - 1-800-734-3064.
  • Can I still email case pictures to