IPS e.max® Veneers

Due to its strength, these ceramic materials are ideally suitable for the fabrication of minimally invasive restorations, such as thin veneers with a wall thickness of just 0.3mm or occlusal veneers.

emax® veneers

What are the benefits to the doctor:

• Highly esthetic lithium disilicate glass ceramic
• Ingots are available in 3 levels of opacity
• Consistently high strength of 400MPa
• Anterior & posterior applications
• Stunning natural beauty
• Comprehensive shade range & bleach shades
• Optimized optical properties

What are the benefits to the patient:

• Anterior & posterior applications
• Maximum aesthetics and reliability are achieve with minimum effort
• More treatment options even in complex “smile design” cases
• True to life aesthetics due to the natural opalescent effect

Please click on the presentation below to see e.max® Veneers used in several Smile Design cases: